Scot Wilson

When you are feeling like you are stuck, whether it is due to depression, trauma, anxiety, relationship troubles, or life circumstance, I can help you rediscover your direction and purpose.  Through sessions with me, I will help you to challenge the mindset that you are in to improve your life, and to be the person who you want to be. 

I have been in the human services field since 2006 and began practicing therapy in 2015.  I have always been drawn to the idea of helping and providing relief to others.  Therapy became my calling when I wanted to do more than just provide resources. I decided I wanted to help people grow and reach their true potential. 

I want people to thrive.

It is through my practice that I help people understand their goals and understand their needs, regardless of reason for therapy being for personal improvement or a mandatory evaluation.  I want each and every person to not just move forward, but to understand why they want to move forward.  It is the right of every person to live the life they want to live, and their responsibility to take action.  I am a helper to get you to act. 

If you are looking to start the journey, I am available to all New Hampshire residents via video therapy.  I also will have limited in-person appointments, available in June 2021, in Concord, NH.  

Location: Concord


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Scot can be reached at 617-819-0914617-819-0914, or by email at