Sandra Somerville

Do you find it difficult to enjoy life the way you used to? To savor every moment as it occurs? Or do you get caught up in past conversations and regrets, or conversely tomorrow's conversations and plans? Are you your own worst critic? Do you need to enjoy just letting go and savoring every minute?

Let's discuss a plan to help you move forward, stay in the moment. Learn from the past rather than live in it. Move forward with a plan flexibly, rather than plan for every inevitability. I can meet you via telehealth. Experienced in ACT therapy, CBT and Motivational Interviewing, lets see how we can craft a plan for you to live in the now.

I would like to assist you in being able to live every moment with intention. This is difficult to do when our monkey brain tells us we can plan for every second and secure every future by trying to control it and undue every past wrong by reliving it. Let me help you live in the moment in an informed way.

I am a practitioner trained in SFBT, CBT and ACT practices.  Most of my practice is based on the principle of positive psychology.  In positive psychology, focus is placed on what is working in our lives and expanding upon this.  ACT is another practice of accepting that which we can’t change and learning through experiences, not running from experiences.  This practice allows healing through mindfulness practices and analogies.

I have re-invented myself after 25 years in the medical field, and realize it is never too late to make the changes you need to make for you.  It is on this journey of self discovery I learned my passion for assisting others in living their own best lives according to their individual passions.  It is through strengths based practices and moving through experiences, this is possible.  I am trained in ACT, CBT, SFBT, and narrative therapies to assist those looking to move forward in their lives.  Anxiety, Depression and overthinking in general limit one’s ability to focus in the moment to learn how to move on towards a better life.  It is through these practices I can enable clients to move forward with intention for a better life.

I am new to NH, and trained in Massachusetts at a majority minority university, University of Massachusetts at Boston.  I am a trained special education advocate, and have worked to help families with children with differing abilities. I have experience assisting families follow behavior plans through the May institute.  I strongly believe in focusing on a child’s strengths to provide them with a sense of self efficacy, which is key in their emotional development and provides them with a sense of mastery.

Location: Durham


Sandra can be reached at 617-819-0914617-819-0914, or by email at