Lori Lonsdale

If you feel sad, stressed, worried or unbalanced, I can help you.   When you meet with me, I will listen, help you develop new solutions to life’s dilemmas and challenge you in healthy ways in order for you to feel better and be your best you.  I am on your team and believe in you.

Counseling choose me at a young age.  I worked at a local Boy’s and Girls club where children shared their lives with me and asked for my help.  For the first time in my life, I felt good about myself in a helpful and meaningful way.   Those children changed me and gave me a path.  I think of them often and feel very grateful to them and the club.  It’s funny, I went into counseling to help others but the truth is that my clients shape and better me.  There is something magical that happens when a client and a counselor work well together, positive changes happen.  I very grateful to have someone open up their life to me and be vulnerable, I get to see the true individual which is the greatest gift a person has to offer.  Counseling is my true passion, my husband said it best years ago, I’m pro people.  It’s not up to me to judge others, it’s my job to listen, understand and support and I do that well.

Location: Concord


Lori can be reached at 617-819-0914617-819-0914, or by email at llonsdale@ensocounselinggroup.com